A court may consider the length of the marriage, assets and incomes when it awards temporary alimony. The parties married in August 1978 and have two children, one of whom has learning disabilities. The husband, 55, earns $690,000 gross per year, from his work as a maxillofacial surgeon and also from his investments. The wife, who previously worked as a dental hygienist, has worked as a homemaker since 1987. The husband, who has nearly $400,000 in his bank accounts, apparently argued that he should not be required to pay more than $2,000 per week as alimony. The parties were married for more than 30 years, and if the husband now finds the wife "extravagant," wrote the court, "it is because he allowed her." The court found that the husband enjoys a large net worth. The husband's earning capacity is much higher than that of the wife. The court ordered the husband to pay alimony of $12,500 per month, retroactive to August 2012, as temporary alimony, until the parties reach a final settlement or the court issues a judgment.