A court can order the parties to pay the same tuition for their adult child to attend college in another state as it would cost if their child attended the University of Connecticut. The parties were born in the Canary Islands. They married in New York in 1994 and have one child. The parties worked hard to establish a real estate business that was successful until the recession affected the real estate market. The wife, 45, obtained a discharge in bankruptcy. The court ordered the husband, 45, to pay alimony of $350 per week until Jan. 3, 2023. The court ordered each party to contribute 50 percent of the $23,062 tuition for a University of Connecticut college student toward the tuition of the parties' 18-year-old child, who attends Roger Williams College in Rhode Island. The court awarded the husband the marital residence, which has little or no equity. The court awarded each party bank accounts. The court ordered the parties to divide equally certain investments and 401(k)s. The court awarded the wife the 2006 Nissan and the husband the 2008 Nissan. The court ordered the husband to pay the wife $3,500, as a property distribution. The court ordered each party to hold the other harmless from debt.