Where a transcript is required for review of a party's claims, the Appellate Court cannot proceed without one. The trial court converted the decree of legal separation of the plaintiff, Sandra Buggy, and the defendant, Glenn Buggy, into a judgment of dissolution and entered various orders. Both parties appealed. The plaintiff raised claims primarily addressing the custody order regarding the parties' two minor children and the defendant on cross-appeal challenged certain financial orders relating to child support and alimony. The Appellate Court found that to address their claims adequately, it was necessary to review the transcripts of the hearing before the trial court. Neither party filed the written or electronic versions of the trial transcripts with their briefs. The court sua sponte ordered the parties to file the necessary transcripts no later than Feb. 20, 2013. No transcripts were filed. In their absence, the Appellate Court was unable to examine all of the relevant evidence that was before the trial court. After thoroughly reviewing the briefs, arguments and record, the Appellate Court concluded that it was unable to determine the merits of either party's claims without the transcripts. The judgment consequently was affirmed.