An individual who participates in a premeditated murder, in exchange for the payment of $2,000, may not be entitled to a sentence reduction, even if the individual did not possess an extensive criminal record and was only 21 years old. Allegedly, a third party paid the petitioner $2,000 to commit a murder, and the petitioner shot the victim in the chest. The petitioner, Anthony Furs, negotiated a plea of up to 50 years. Superior Court Judge Joan Alexander sentenced the petitioner to 47 years. The petitioner's attorney, Auden Grogins, requested a sentence reduction to 40 years and argued that the petitioner was only 21 years old, he experienced a difficult upbringing and he did not possess an extensive criminal record. The state's attorney, Eva Lenczewski, objected that the petitioner, who was on probation, participated in a cold-blooded murder for hire, and the petitioner has not been a model prisoner. The Sentence Review Division was not persuaded that the petitioner's sentence for premeditated murder was inappropriate or disproportionate, and it affirmed the sentence of 47 years.