A court can find that although one party protests the amount of time the other spent on volunteer activities, neither party is at greater fault. The parties married in July 1981 and have two children. In 2005, the Juvenile Court awarded the parties custody of two of their grandchildren. The wife was unhappy that the husband spent a great deal of time with the grandchildren's Little League activities and served as the president of Little League. The husband agreed to marital counseling with a priest. The wife was unwilling to continue, after the priest suggested that she keep her husband company when he went to ball games. The husband's absences when he served in the Navy and was deployed were a contributing factor in the breakdown of the marital relationship. The court did not find either party at greater fault. The husband, 53, earns $105,000 gross per year working for the government, as a director of technology, plus a pension of $640 gross per week, as a result of his service in the Navy. The wife, 59, was unable to finish her college degree when the husband was deployed in the Navy, because of her child rearing responsibilities. The court awarded the wife alimony of $650 per week, until the wife's death, marriage or cohabitation with an unrelated individual. The court awarded the wife the marital residence and ordered the wife to hold the husband harmless from debt. The husband expects to inherit $75,000 from a relative's estate. The court found that the husband's property interest has vested and ordered the husband to pay the wife $25,000, as a property settlement. The court awarded the wife approximately 50 percent of the marital portion of the husband's pension, military retired pay and government thrift savings plan. The court awarded the wife the BMW 530 and the husband the Ford Ranger.