As a result of public policy that favors expeditious estate administration, a Superior Court may stay a Probate Court appeal, to permit a decision on the merits by the Probate Court. The decedent, Olive Brezeau, passed away, and the former estate administrator, Janice Gregorich, filed a final account of her activities. One of the beneficiaries, along with the estate executrixes of a related estate, objected to the final account and requested that the Probate Court assess a penalty against Gregorich. The Probate Court denied Gregorich's motion to dismiss the defendants' objection. Gregorich appealed to the Superior Court, and the defendants moved to stay Gregorich's appeal. Public policy that favors expeditious estate administration supports the stay of the appeal to the Superior Court. The stay will not result in irreparable harm to the plaintiff, and the Superior Court granted the defendants' motion to stay.