Campaign treasurers are required to disclose the receipt of campaign funds pursuant to the Citizens' Election Program. Ian Neal of New Fairfield served as the treasurer of Grossman for New Milford, to promote the candidacy of Andrew Grossman. On Oct. 9, 2012, the State Elections Enforcement Commission granted funds in the amount of $26,825 to Grossman's campaign pursuant to the Citizens' Election Program. Although the respondent treasurer filed a campaign fìnance disclosure statement on October 11, he apparently did not include the grant. On December 15, Neal filed an amended finance disclosure statement that included the grant. Information about the grant was already available in the public record, and the receipt of funds from the Citizens' Election Program does not present a known risk of corruption to a candidate. The State Elections Enforcement Commission decided not to penalize the respondent treasurer. "[T]he investigation provides no indication," wrote the State Elections Enforcement Commission, "that the Respondent's omission was anything more than an inadvertent and self-corrected reporting error."