A court can find that termination of the parental rights of a biological parent is in the best interests of the stepdaughter who he allegedly assaulted sexually and their toddler. In June 2011, the respondent mother, who was 12 years old, gave birth and claimed that she did not know she was pregnant. The mother alleged that her 47-year-old stepfather had sexually assaulted her. After a paternity test confirmed that the stepfather was the biological father, the stepfather disappeared. In July, the Department of Children and Families placed the respondent mother and the infant in a foster home. The respondent mother has bonded with her child and is a ninth grade honors student. The Department of Children and Families proved that the respondent father has abandoned the toddler and has no ongoing parent-child relationship with the toddler. The respondent father is unwilling to benefit from efforts to reunify, and efforts to reunify are not required. Termination of the respondent father's parental rights is in the best interests of the stepdaughter and the toddler. The court granted the department's motion to terminate the respondent father's parental rights.