Female Clients Continue To Cause Trouble for Attorney

Police investigation revealed as disciplinary officials seeks disbarment

, The Connecticut Law Tribune


Earlier this summer, Torrington attorney Ira Mayo made headlines when he was hit with an unusual punishment: he could never again represent female clients.

What's being said

  • Member of CA Bar

    The headline to this story is outrageous. It should read something like, "Predatory Attorney Continues to Cause Trouble for Female Clients." The year is 2014, not 1964.

  • To the Editor,
    And you need to edit your webpage.

  • TimGolden

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  • TimGolden

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  • TimGolden

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  • TimGolden

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  • Lawyerface

    I read the title the same way. It occurred to me it might have been meant not as victim blaming, but as "lawyer continues to not be able to appropriately represent female clients," something like "Pizza continues to to cause trouble for man with IBS."

    Which doesn‘t excuse the total lack of clarity (assuming it was meant this way), or the not-so-subtle objectification that he just isn‘t "handling" the female clients well enough.

  • Maybe the lack of response answers my question: no editorial oversight. The writer was probably at a Starbucks somewhere in Bermuda. Integrity is a thing of the past apparently. Are you all paying for this?

  • Art S

    What a Loser!

  • R. Hojaiban

    Those pesky female clients, always causing trouble. Who wrote this headline? How about "Sexual Predator, Left to His Own Devices, Continues to Practice Law in Connecticut." That‘s a bit more accurate, no?

  • K. Chang

    Sadly, your headline for the article perpetuates victim blaming: the women are causing trouble for the man, when the man is the one who engaged in the improper conduct.

  • Susan Skipp

    this is the problem: blame the victim. What a discriminatory practice that he can represent one half of the population! He‘s UNFIT! Connecticut really needs a current education about domestic violence, gender bias, and sexual predators. This is common to take advantage of women. What the heck is wrong with these people who say he‘s ok to serve half of the population? Either he‘s unfit or not. If he can‘t represent one segment of the population, why is he ok to represent the other- what is the message here CT bar? "Abuse women, don‘t worry, we‘ll hook you up."

  • Pala

    I am in agreement. Mr. Avilucea clearly needs an elementary writing class which will explain how to formulate a headline that is explanatory and not misleading.

    Since Mr. Avilucea does not seem to understand who is the perpetrator and who are the victims, I suggest something like this.

    Lawyer, Barred from Representing Female Clients, Faces More Accusations.


    More Accusations of Impropriety Face Lawyer Barred From Representing Women.

    The real point of interest is why the Police Department is refusing to release details of the investigation which is clearly NOT exempt from FOIA requests.

  • In case I wasn‘t clear enough - writing "Female Clients Continue To Cause Trouble for Attorney" clearly suggests that it is "female clients" who are doing harm . . . In fact, the story is about a male attorney who has allegedly been inappropriate toward his clients.

  • Whose idea was it to create a headline/bi-line that blames the victims in this man‘s life? I have seen it headlined in my email inbox, on the CTlawtribune and now here: http://www.lawtechnologynews.com/home/id=1202668689595?kw=Reed Smith Adds New E-Discovery Partner&et=editorial&bu=Law Technology News&cn=20140902&src=EMC-Email&pt=Afternoon Update&slreturn=20140802193509
    Are there editors anymore? Supervisors? Someone?

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